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Meet our First Tour Pro

Step into the world of Jonathan De Los Reyes, a gifted Professional Golfer whose unwavering passion fuels his dream of making it to the PGA Tour. Despite facing financial hurdles, Jonathan works tirelessly, balancing a job at a golf course and doordashing to afford just 2-3 tournaments a year. Your support can be the catalyst that breaks these barriers and unleashes his true potential. With your generous donation, Jonathan can fully dedicate himself to the sport he loves, receiving professional training, competing in more tournaments, and ultimately forging a path to greatness. Your belief in his talent will create a legacy that inspires countless others to chase their dreams and revolutionize the world of golf. Together, let's be the driving force behind Jonathan's extraordinary journey, a journey that will ignite hearts and leave an indelible mark on the sport we adore.

PGA Tour Qualifying School application ($5,00 entry fee
Johnny tied for 1st place earning him status on the Americas Tour starting in March of 2024!

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PGA Tour Q-School - 2023
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